Premier Properties

Rent Payment Policy

All payments for rent are due on the first of each month. Rent is subject to a late fee on the sixth of the month.  Rent payment must be received by the 5th of the month to avoid penalties.

Mail payments to:

Premier Properties
PO Box 2082, Winterville NC 28590

Rent payment must be received by the 5th. We do not observe post marks and any payment received by mail after the 5th is subject to late fee.  You can also hand deliver payments to our office at 5283 NC 33 E, by dropping them in the mail slot in the front door (this address is for dropping payments ONLY!) . Please be sure to include your name & address!! There will be envelopes & pens in the mailbox beside front door for your use. For cash payments that are dropped you will receive a receipt though text, mail or email. Any discrepancies of a cash payment must be supported by the provided receipt. Interior and exterior cameras are use. No cash is accepted (Friday-Sunday)

Forms of payment accepted: Personal check, money order, certified check, and/or cash. Personal checks are NOT accepted after the 15th of the month for which rent is due. Any past due rent amount must be paid with a money order or cashiers check.

Payment should be clearly marked with Resident’s complete address to ensure proper credit.

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