Premier Properties

Restrictions for Advertising/Specials

  • Premier Properties Realty Group is not responsible for any misprints
  • No coupon or ad is valid with any other coupon, ad or offer
  • Any free rent offered is only valid for the first month’s rent; coupon/ad/offer must be presented when security deposit paid and contract signed.
  • Ads/coupons/offers may expire without notice if no expiration date is stated
  • Ads/coupons/offers are void if there are no immediately available apartments at the advertised location
  • Should Applicant not be able to take occupancy immediately (within seven-7-days) and unit is available, we will not hold the unit and honor coupon/ad/offer for free rent in addition to holding a unit for any length of time. Applicant must take occupancy of unit at first available date in order to use coupon/ad/offer for free rent.
  • One ad/coupon/offer valid per apartment, not person. For example, 2 people come in to rent the same apartment as roommates and each has a coupon for half a month’s free rent. Only one coupon is valid.
  • Coupon/ad/offer must be presented with application or at the time the lease is signed and security deposit paid.
  • Coupons/ads/offers will not be honored if presented after acceptance and the contract has been signed.
  • Coupons/ads/offers valid for NEW tenant only. Specials do not apply to current residents.
  • Approved Application required
  • New 12-month contract required
  • Coupons/ads/offers not redeemable for cash
  • Qualifying restrictions apply
    • Application required for each person – non-refundable application fee per Applicant
    • 600 or better Beacon Score required